CYC Events

The Toronto 2011 - Fearless


We looked back at the conclusion of our two-day Conference (July 8-9, 2011), a glimmering hope shone as we smiled in awe of what the Lord has done. Each year we have held annual God-encounter Conferences for the City of Toronto. We started first as a High School Christian Club in 2008 holding our very first conference, in 2009 we dared to do two in one year, and finally in 2010 we submitted under the spiritual cover of LAUNCH to launch our dreams into a new reality. Our Conferences have been filled with music, dramas and speakers, all unified by a prophetic theme each year. This year was something beyond our creativity. "Fearless" was specifically designed to equip the Church for effective evangelism, soul-winning. We can gladly say that we've received numerous stories of impacted lives who are impacting their communities.


If you'd like to read the formal post-conference report by CYC's director, click here.

The Toronto 2010 - A New Rising


In the year 2009 CYC had two successful youth Conferences, one of them being the Spread the Fire Conference which was aimed towards equipping and edifying the Church, while the second were the evangelistic nights of the Toronto Outreach 2009. The CYCEA wanted to efficiently combine both initiatives into one Conference for the year 2010 and that was done with great success. The CYCEA were able to equip attendants with the information they needed about the importance of scripture, prayer, and fasting. Attendants were blown away by guest speaker Michael Chorey of Joshua Revolution USA and the worship content of the night. Our line-up highlights were Laura-lee, a new emerging young adult worship artist, ZOE worship band, and Amy Savin & Band who was featured on 100 Huntley Street. The anointing was incredible, the message was clear, and we won precious souls to Christ.


If you'd like to read the formal post-conference report by CYC's director, click here.

The Toronto Outreach 2009


After the successful debut of the Spread the Fire Conference a week before, the Toronto Outreach 2009 emerged to surpass the successful journey of the Outreach 2008 in reaching out to the lost and impacting our communities. Instead of a one day Conference event, it was a two night evangelistic concert with two ministers appointed to deliver the final word for both nights. CYC President & Director, Steven R. Martins, debuted as a youth evangelist preaching to a packed crowd of 200 attendants on the final night. July 17 & 18, 2009 were dates marked down in CYC's brief history as a huge improvement in comparison to the Outreach 2008, these were the two nights where attendants managed to see a small glimpse of what is still to come, a Gospel revival that will shake the foundations of the City of Toronto.


CYC will continue to work for the Lord in organizing Conferences for the City of Toronto, to equip the youth of our Churches to reach out to the lost, and to bring the Gospel to the troubled streets of Toronto. Ontario will soon be in our sights, and beyond that, the nation.

Spread the Fire Conference


The CYC succeeded in their first annual "Spread the Fire Conference," a Conference aimed at equipping Christians to carry out the Great Commission in today's modern world. It was scheduled on July 10, 2009 with two great guest speakers in attendance, one from the City of Toronto, the other from the United States of America. The response was phenomenal and the seeds that were sown were reaped in an unbelievable harvest, slowly and gradually we are increasing our efforts in making a difference in our communities. The turnout was approximately in the 100 attendants region as many decided to prepare their youth groups for the evangelistic Conference debuting the week afterwards, the Toronto Outreach 2009.


However, the programmed seminars and the concert was a success in impacting every single attendant, from the very start to the very end. Our success did not originate from our hard work and planning, but rather from God who worked through our team to bring this to come to pass.

The Outreach 2008


The CYC began their annual Outreach project with a one-night event on April 26, 2008. With a vast variety in music, drama & dance, and speakers, the audience received the message of the Gospel with a powerful annointing. Although this event occurred on the TTC Strike Day, the audience was an unexpected 200 attendants and it was truly worthwhile according to many testimonies. The lost were found, the back-slidden returned, and the devoted received another touch from God.


It was a small step forward, a beginning push for change, and clearly enough to launch CYC sky-high with future projects and plans to further spread the love of Jesus Christ.